1. Learning a foreign language was one of the most difficult yet most rewarding experiences of my life.
  2. How can I reward your help?
  3. She seemed another strange object, old yet new, girl yet woman, female yet male, human yet beast-like.
  4. I don’t eat much, yet I am a size 16.
  5. My experience with learning a foreign language began in junior middle school,when I took my first English class.
  6. Because of this positive method,I eagerly answered all the questions I could,never worrying much about making mistakes.
  7. We listen eagerly, for he brings news of our families.
  8. While my former teacher had been patient with all of the students,my new teacher quickly punished those who gave incorrect answers.
  9. They were grinning and watching while one man laughed and poured beer over the head of another.
  10. The two ministers have yet to meet, but may do so while in New York.
  11. Marianne was tempted to turn the large rooms into traditional French-style , while Howard was in favour of a typically English look.
  12. While the numbers of such developments are relatively small, the potential market is large.
  13. A ferocious grin lit his face.
  14. He forgot to capitalize the first letter of the name Lincoln.
  15. He’s decided to capitalize all his property.
  16. We should capitalize on every chance we get to improve our English.
  17. Stick to your principles; stick to the diet.
  18. Whenever we answered incorrectly,she pointed a long stick at us and,shaking it up and down,shouted,”No! No! No!”
  19. Men usually shake hands with each other when the meet for the first time, but shake hands with women only if the woman extends her hand first. Women do not usually shake hands with each other.
  20. Unlike my senior middle school teacher,my college English teachers were patient and kind, and none of them carried long, pointed sticks!
  21. It seemed my English was going to stay at the same level forever.
  22. That was the situation until a couple of years later when I was offered an opportunity to study English through an online course.
  23. I worked hard to meet the minimum standards set by the course and to complete assignments on time.
  24. Once in a while I cried out of frustration,and sometimes I felt like giving up.
  25. He feels like that he has never been to such a place.
  26. But I didn’t feel intimidated by students who spoke faster than I did because I took all the time I needed to think out my ideas and wrote a reply before posting it on the screen.
  27. Then,one day I realized I could understand just about everything I came across,and most importantly,I could “say” anything I wanted to in English.
  28. He came across to me as being quite a nice person.
  29. Your speech didn’t come across; nobody understood your opinion.
  30. Although I was still making many mistakes and was continually learning new ways to say things,I had finally reaped the benefits of all of my hard work.
  31. Sow much, reap much; sow little, reap little.
  32. What you harvest is determined by what you sow.
  33. And although what we are now is determined by what we were, what we will be is still determined also by what we do now.
  34. Learning a foreign language has been a most trying experience for me,but one that I wouldn’t trade for anything.
  35. Not only did learning another language teach me the value of hard work,but it also gave me insights into another culture,and my mind was opened to new ways of seeing things.
  36. Talking with people is one of my favorite activities,so being able to speak a new language lets me meet new people,participate in conversations,and form new,unforgettable friendships.
  37. Now that I speak a foreign language,instead of staring into space when English is being spoken,I can participate and make friends.
  38. I am able to reach out to others and bridge the gap between my language and culture and theirs.
  39. While regular schools still exist,the virtual classroom plays an important role in today’s learning community.
  40. The following list discusses some ideal qualities of successful online students.
  41. This forum for communication removes the visual barriers that hinder some students from expressing themselves.
  42. In addition,students are given time to reflect on the information before replying.
  43. In the virtual classroom nearly all communication is written,so it is critical that students feel comfortable expressing themselves in writing.
  44. Some students have limited writing abilities,which need to be improved before or as part of the online experience.
  45. Whether working alone or in a group,students share ideas,perspectives and discussions on the subject being studied,and read about those of their classmates.
  46. In this way,students gain great insights from their peers,learning from each other as well as the instructor.
  47. If they experience technical difficulties,or problems in understanding something about the course,they must speak up;otherwise there is no way anyone can know something is wrong.
  48. While explaining something to others,students reinforce their own knowledge about the subject.
  49. Successful online students,however,see online learning as a convenient way to receive their education—-not an easier way.
  50. When other people are finished with their work and studies and having fun,you’ll most likely find online students doing their course work.
  51. It generates money through advertising.
  52. Be able to think ideas through before replying.
  53. Time is given to allow for careful development of answers.
  54. Online students will not always be right,so they need to be prepared to accept a challenge.
  55. Sandy sang along with the words as she lay listening to her favorite radio station.
  56. She knew she had to have patience and keep the lines of communication with her daughter open.
  57. She wanted to be there as an anchor for her,but at the same time she would give her freedom to find her own identity.
  58. As a result,many parents fears that peer opinions will become more highly valued and that they in turn will lose influence.
  59. Across the generations,there was great consistency in the responses.
  60. These studies show that while young people tend to value their peers’ evaluations over parents’ on things like music,clothing and what’s “cool”,they continue to look to parents for basic values and guidance in the more important areas of life,such as career and lifetime goals.
  61. It is natural to feel like there is an uncomfortable “gap” between our teens and us and that there is a need to bridge it.
  62. He is unable to relate to other people.
  63. Perhaps,though,the problem does not lie in a difference of opinions or values,but in the way we relate to and communicate with each other.
  64. Young people tend to see themselves the way their parents see them.
  65. If you state your case with a “This is what makes sense to me” attitude as opposed to “This is the right way to see things”,he or she can listen more openly instead of planning rebellion.
  66. Any way you can get across the message “We’re in this together” can help bridge gaps that conflicts might otherwise create.
  67. Teenagers pay close attention to double standards.
  68. Showing self-acceptance and tolerance for imperfection is very encouraging to teenagers(as well as other people around you)and tends to makes you easier to approach with questions,regrets and challenges.
  69. That made me hopping mad and determined to prove him wrong.
  70. He was hopping mad when his daughter married without his permission.
  71. She looked fit to be tied.
  72. The humor , energy and sense of possibility teenagers often have can awaken parents to positive sides of themselves they had forgotten or neglected.
  73. When teens experience being liked,they usually act more likeable.
  74. You will need to apply three coats of varnish.
  75. The convention does not apply to us.
  76. These principles apply to learning maths.
  77. Soak a small towel in the liquid, wring it out, then apply to the abdomen.
  78. If you pay the gang the thousand pounds, they’ll only lean on you for more.
  79. He remains the anchor of the country’s fragile political balance.
  80. I’d like to check the balance in my account please.
  81. Let’s start out before dawn.
  82. I’ll start out to write my paper tomorrow.
  83. Members of a family should cling together in times of trouble.
  84. The birds cling to the wall and nibble at the brickwork.
  85. Also, the Soviets began to nibble at our bait.
  86. Once there,he would cling to the handrail until he reached the lower steps that the warmer tunnel air kept free of ice.
  87. He never talked about himself as an object of pity,nor did he show any envy of the more fortunate or able.
  88. Now that I am older, I believe that is a proper standard by which to judge people, even though I still don’t know precisely what a “good heart” is.
  89. They never learned skills to engage the attention of the others.
  90. Industry leaders want scientists to engage in fundamental research, not applied research.
  91. She found it hard to engage with office life.
  92. When a local baseball team found itself without a manager,he kept it going.
  93. She brought us up completely unaided.
  94. And when I came home on leave,he saw to it that I visited his office.
  95. See to it that you are here punctually tomorrow.
  96. What I need is to soak in a hot tub.
  97. He was a lean, patrician gent in his early sixties.
  98. I never let on about what you told me.
  99. Britain set the pace in the first half of the nineteenth century.
  100. So you did make it to America, after all.