1-50call names; have a shot at; springboard(1); springboard(2); platform(1); platform(2); platform(3); finals(1); finals(2); intense(1); intense(2); international(1); international(2); vaporize; alarm; scoreboard; crowd(1); crowd(2); cheer; professionally; profession(1); profession(2); profession(3); profession(4); haul; continuously; wickedly(1); wickedly(2); barrel(1); barrel(2); tremble(1); tremble(2); dump(1); dump(2); dump(3); fly by; route; approachable; greeting(1); greeting(2); greeting(3); civilize(1); civilize(2); civilize(3); make the rounds; rounds(1); rounds(2); rounds(3); case(1); case(2);     阅读全文
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Chilly 2月 07, 2015


1-50make up(1); make up(2); make up(3); consciously; chain(1); chain(2); chain(3); a chain of; reaction(1); reaction(2); encounter(1); encounter(2); persuasive; presentation(1); presentation(2); pitch(n); gesture(1); gesture(2); absorb(1); absorb(2); absorb(3); absorb(4); be committed to; absorbed; stride(1); stride(2); stride(3); instruct; handshake; trick(1); trick(2); trick(3); consistent(1); consistent(2); at your best;rug; frightened; frighten; fright; depress(1); depress(2); depress(3); ceiling(1); ceiling(2); lighten up; entertainment; industry; tiny(1); tiny(2);     阅读全文
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Chilly 1月 23, 2015


1-50anchor(n); identity(1); identity(2); identity(3); term(1); term(2); term(3); coin(1); coin(2); coin(3); coin(4); in turn(1); in turn(2);in today’s society; tap into(?);tap(n); consist of; consistency(1); consistency(2); consistency(3); response(1); response(2); concept(1); concept(2); concept(3); refute; evaluation;look to; trend(1); trend(2); apply(1); apply(2); apply(3); apply(4); apply to(1); apply to(2); apply to(3); natural(1); natural(2); natural(3); there is no need; there is a need; relate(1); relate(2); relate(3); relate(4); relate to; tip(n); entitled(1); entitled(2); entitled(3);     阅读全文
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Chilly 1月 14, 2015


Learning a foreign language was one of the most difficult yet most rewarding experiences of my life. How can I reward your help? She seemed another strange object, old yet new, girl yet woman, female yet male, human yet beast-like. I don’t eat much, yet I am a size 16. My experience with learning a foreign language began in junior middle school,when I took my first English class. Because of this positive method,I eagerly answered all the questions I could,never worrying much about making mistakes. We listen eagerly, for he brings news of our families. While my former teacher had been patient with all of the students,my new teacher quickly punished those who gave incorrect answers. They were grinning and watching while one man laughed and poured beer over the head of another.     阅读全文
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Chilly 1月 13, 2015


1-51Pronunciation; etymology; inflect; ward; reward; rewarding; in addition;yet(1);yet(2); have yet to; junior(1); junior(2);junior school; praise(1);praise(2); eager; eagerly; punish;while(1); while(2); while(3); while(4); potential(1); potential(2); grin(1);grin(2); tempt;turn sb/sth to/into; salon(1);salon(2); apartment; elegant; elegance; capitalize(1); capitalize(2);capitalize(3); capitalize(4); be in favour of; ferocious;stick(1);stick(2);stick(3); stick to; principle(1);principle(2); principle(3); principle(4); point at;shake(1);shake(2);shake(3); 52-100desire(1);desire(2); pointed(1); pointed(2);couple(1);couple(2); a couple of;intimidate;intimidated;modem;participate(1); participate(2);participate(3);commitment(1);commitment(2);flow(1);flow(2);flow(3);flow(4);minimum(1);minimum(2);assignment(1);assignment(2);assignment(3);complete(1);complete(2);complete(3);complete(4); once in a while;cry out;cry out of;frustration;feel like(1);feel like(2);feel like(3);reply(1);reply(2);reply to;think out;think up;think about;think over;think of(1);think of(2);think aloud;come across(1);come across(2);come across(3);by chance;     阅读全文
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Chilly 1月 11, 2015